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Editing your feed by hand can cause problems if you don't know what you're doing.

Don't forget to save (ctrl + s) after making your edits.

Use ctrl + f to use the search feature

If you've setup your webhooks, and have a server API ready to recieve the XML file,
click below to send your RSS feed to your server.

Click below to download your RSS feed to your local machine.

After uploading your feed to your server, copy the link to your RSS file here to add your feed to the Podcast Index.


What type of ping do you want to send?

Your feed is the source of truth.
This means Podping will notify the apps of your intention to go live, but the apps will always display what's in your feed.
So remember to update and upload the live status of your feed on your server first, then send a live podping update.

After uploading your feed to your server, solve the problem below, then press Enter

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OP3 (Open Podcast Prefix Project) is a free and open-source podcast prefix analytics service committed to open data and listener privacy.
Find out more here.